Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Obit: Uther the Justiciar

It saddens me to report the passing of Uther the Justiciar. Brave Uther was nearing the end of his investigation into the diabolic activites of the Red Claw Cult and its leaders Skullshank the Summoner and Wither Blackfang when he fell victim to multiple unholy blights from a band of devils. Medical personnel upon the scene (in the form of Eberk the Dwarf Cleric and Greyson the Shaman) were unable to revive Uther. He is survived by his cohort, Odolan the Tiefling Rogue. Funeral arrangements and the disposition of his estate are unavailable at this time.


  1. I'm going to miss the lawdog.

  2. Darwane1:13 PM

    How can you miss him? It isn't like he's moving...