Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This is why my campaigns fizzle out

My priorities for gaming right now look like this:

1.) Current D&D campaign (I got an adventure picked out for next week, but I need to read the damn thing.)
2.) My 3 Winter War games (I'm going to be working my ass off in January if I don't get going.)
3.) Next campaign (probably Star Frontiers setting with Savage Worlds rules)

So what have I spent all my gaming time on lately? Frickin' Traveller. I just love dicking around with Traveller. It's a GMs playground. For the past week or so I've been crunching the numbers to work out the economics of space trade in District 268, a no-account subsector in the Spinward Marches. When would I need this info? Probably around the 1st week of Never.

I swear, every time I get a game going I get distracted by something shiny.