Sunday, July 10, 2005

Savage Worlds Option: Derived Throwing

My buddy Pat is of the opinion that the Throwing skill in Savage Worlds should be subsumed into Fighting, Shooting, or both. Below is a little chart I whipped up to try to come up with a Throwing skill that is the average of the two scores. I intentionally omitted a "Unskilled" entry from each axis. My thinking is that if you ought to get some free Throwing only if you are at least marginally skilled in both Shooting and Fighting, then . Anyway, here's the chart, courtesy of the new free image hosting on blogger:

Too bad the code for adding pictures doesn't support my current install of Firefox. You'd think a new feature would be Firefox-friendly, but I had to open a IE window to make this work. Maybe if I actually upgraded to the most recent Firefox that would do the trick. Sounds like a big pain in the butt right at the moment.

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