Saturday, July 02, 2005

Get thee behind me, Chorizo!

I'm swearing off chorizo, the wonderful Mexican sausage. Today at breakfast (at the recently renamed Liberty Restaraunt, f.k.a. Oakley's) I ordered the 'Mexican skillet': eggs atop chorizo atop onions atop hash browns. I have spent the day in agony. Everytime I get chorizo in my tacos at the Fiesta Cafe I am similarly afflicted. It's just not owrth it to me anymore. Sure, the stuff is delicious, but it bites back.

During lunch today I attended an RPGnet meet-up at Za's in Champaign. A lot of time was devoted to boggling over my copy of the Wraeththu rpg. Take one part fanfic guide and one part fantasy heartbreaker, sprinkle liberally with finely chopped first edition Vampire, and you got the general jist of how this game works. Setting aside the postapocalyptic hermaphrodites, of course.

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