Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I killed Ironbeard!

Urban Dead is a graphically simple browser-based game, somewhat Roguelike in character. It's player-versus-player in a city during a zombie overrun. Best of all, you can play a zombie! My character is named Putrid Joe. My first act in the game was to bite a fellow named Ironbeard to death and feast upon the gooey treats inside his skull.


  1. If anybody wants to team-up, Putrid Joe is currently rampaging through Lamport Hills. I also started a human character named Little Eddie. At the moment he is holed-up in the McCormick Square Fire Station in Peddlesden Village. Poor Eddie's cell phone isn't working and every time he stumbles across a group of fellow survivors at least one of them has a name like "I Will Kill U".

  2. I'm on Urban Dead as well. A soldier named "Random Goblin."

    Creative, I know.

    But my pistol is out of ammo and I don't know where to find more. :(