Thursday, September 23, 2004

Good Session

Last night's session of my Mob War minicampaign went pretty well. Big Al Tolino sent about 10 big gun-toting palookas over to Harrigan's Speakeasy. Most of 'em ended up dead, some after a brutal interrogation scene. Serves them right, they had the gall to hit the joint while the Dempsey fight was on the radio! Fortunately Tom Finnegan, Dave's new PC, was able to smooth things over with the local police. It looks like next time the O'Connor Boys are taking a field trip to Madison, Wisconsin. Seems Big Al has a large shipment of Canadian hooch coming through Madison.

I think the blue bennie machenic worked out well. People seemed to enjoy spending them. I think we'll use it again next time.

Ray once again didn't show up. Both times that I have run Mob War he has been absent. I'm kinda curious to know why. I don't think he has simply been unavailable, as his attendance to Dave's Avatars game was as good as anyone else. Does the gangster setting not suit him? Maybe he can't stand straight historical type games. I know some players need cyborgs or wizards or vampires or whatever for the game to interest them. Or maybe he thinks I'm a jerk. I dunno. Ray's certainly free to play or not play any game he wants. He does not owe me an explanation, but I am curious.