Wednesday, September 13, 2017

a Vaults of Vyzor interlude

This post will only make sense if you read this G+ post first.

Throne Room by DeviantArtist znodden
Barnabus Sleet, Rose Royce, Szazsraz the Lizard Wizard, and Laurantha the Unbeautiful have been summoned to the Azure Tower.  They are hurried into the throne room of the Sorcerer of the Blue Mask.  This chamber is too large to be properly inside the tower, but that sort of trickery is perhaps less surprising than the mere fact that you find yourself in the awful presence of the Sorcerer himself.  He does not seem to be happy.

Sorcerer: Fools!  Your precious little library threatens to upset the delicate balance of power!  Already, the doddering dullards of the Invisible College of Thaumaturgy have threatened sanctions!  Envoys from the Magisters of the Tholite Quintessence arrive shortly, undoubtedly to do the same.  If those two factions align...

A crow alights on a windowsill, cawing to all that will listen.  Only then do you notice the two moons in the night sky outside.  You recognize neither of them.

The Sorcerer's jester, a half-orc with teeth of brass and a face as ugly as a Friday quitting time traffic jam, retrieves a small slip of paper tied to the crow's leg.  He hands it to his master, who glances at it and sighs.

Sorcerer:  And here it is.  The inevitable offer of aid and friendship from the Crimson King of Chaos.  If the Invisible College and the Tholite Quintessence join forces against me, I'll have little choice but to throw in my lot with that cosmic abomination.  But the worst of it is that you vagabonds and miscreants have endangered decades of planning and years of work.  I can't continue to contain the threat of the Unseelie King if half the wizards in the multiverse think I'm trying to undermine their precious spell monopolies!  And you!  (He gestures at the Lizard Wizard.)  Don't you think you've done enough damage already?  If you all weren't such bumblers, I'd suspect you were agents of my enemies!

A moment of silence falls upon the hall.

Sorcerer: Well, what have you to say for yourselves?!?

Maxim, Kiel, Chris, Cullen, please feel free to reply in character on the G+ thread.  To note that you are speaking in character, please flag it as though it was the script of a play, as I have done above for the Sorcerer's lines.

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