Saturday, June 03, 2017

Vaults of Vyzor, session #2


Darluk of the Hill People, fighter (Doyle Taverner)
Brutal Pete, dwarf (Aleksandr Revzin)
Sneakerly Trull, half-orc thief (Zak S)
Elfbraham Lincoln, elf (Jeff Call)
Limpy the Kobold (NPC)


Once again no carousing happened, so only limited details of the dungeon activities are available.  The Citrine Hall was itself a hotbed of activity.  First, the musicomancers of the hall tested the Astral Wind Chimes they've been working on.  This results in the petrification of several witnesses to the test, but the PCs were not close enough to require saving throws.  A couple of days later, an orcs war party emerged from below and attacked the Hall.  Although it seems that all the orcs involved were killed or captured, a pair of magic cymbals seem to have gone missing.

Meanwhile, our heroes made two expeditions to the Vaults below.  The first time they came back pretty badly scruffed up, but with some objects looted from an orc temple and a pack of orcish playing cards.  The second time they barely made it back at all, leaving poor Elbraham Lincoln's bloody corpse in a hallway near an orcish rec room.

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