Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dragonlance expertise needed

In the introduction to Broodmother Skyfortress I basically invite readers to email me if they have any questions or need any advice about running it.  Well, the first query is in and I'm already out of my depth:
Hi, I have been thinking of using Broodmother Skyfortress with Dragonlance campaign, mixing it with DL1 Dragons of Despair. 
DL1 has interesting start with terrified refugees and dragons thought as myth returning to land. I'm thinking that to terrified peasant shark-faced elephant-footed abominations are pretty much dragons. 
They might as well be "dragons". 
I'm thinking that MacGuffin that lures adventurers to Sky Fortress would be Disks of Mishakal and that DL1 finale in Xak Tsaroth would be replaced with romp in Skyfortress. Wretches sort of being like gully dwarves. 
Broodmother herself would be Takhisis and the place would be built by Gods of Krynn, throne room would be that of Paladine etc.

Can I ask you do you have additional suggestions or ideas?
This was sent to me by a fellow named Jonas, who gave me permission to repost it here.  As I told Jonas, I have almost no practical knowledge of the Dragonlance universe.  I know there are dragons and also lances.  Back when the first novel came out I read it, but the only thing I remember is there was a half-elf who always introduced himself as the unfortunate result of human-on-elf rape.  That must be super awkward at parties.  And then there was the time my buddy Dave thought it would be cute to play a kender in our World of Greyhawk campaign.  IIRC, Gopher and I were playing viking dudes at the time and ended up murdering Dave's PC over a stolen piece of chalk.

Anyway, other than noting that the phrase "might as well be dragons" is totally worth engraving in stone somewhere, I feel super under-qualified to advise Jonas.  Can some smart people who know Dragonlance weigh in?

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