Friday, January 02, 2015

new Wyrminghall campaign, session 1

Wyrminghall before it fell into ruin
In the world of blind drunk adventurers, the one-eyed dwarf is a key member of the party.  Xorth the Insinuator, drow cleric (Zak Smith); Radomir the Rad, fighter (Eeri Oikarinen); and Sir Ward the Paladin (Reynaldo Madrinan) showed up to the dungeon totally blotto.  Initially, only the dwarf Otto One-Eye (Paul C.) is sober, but later the creep known as It Lives! (Robert Parker) joins the party.

The party had some difficulty gaining entrance to the hall, as Sir Ward accidentally pulled the massive front door down onto himself.  The noise of this nonsense drew the attention of some wandering killer platypi, one
the new face of terror
of whom tried to eat Sir Ward's face as he laid trapped under that damn door throughout the entire combat.  You know what I like about running FLAILSNAILS games?  Half the party pulled out guns and shot the platypi.  I had no idea that was going to happen.

Once inside the hall the players the menaces of weak floorboards, time slippages, mysterious purple mists, and a monstrous domestic dispute in the room next door.  The party came *super* close to a confrontation with the deadliest creature in the above ground portion of the dungeon with nary a clue that they were that near to their doom.  They recovered a single treasure: an elaborately carved ivory box containing a matching self-grooming appropriate for a dwarf lass, which was promptly sold off.

Sorta what they found under the pillow-monster's bed
Not too shabby for the opening session of a new campaign.

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