Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wessex returns... ?

So this morning Anthony, Mike and C Huth played a little adventure that I borrowed from Simon of and the sky full of dust and hacked up a bit.  I don't have my notes with me, but the party consisted of a nameless fighter, a ranger whose name I couldn't pronounce and then promptly forgot, and Farley the Dwarf, a Wessex veteran.  Too bad Farley was way over the level range for the adventure and showed up to the crawl with two diseases and two curses, as per the rules of Article 4 of the original FLAILSNAILS Conventions.  I'm trying to imagine how one ends up like that, and all I can come up with is a rather distrurbing scenario involving unspeakable acts with a witch's favorite goat.  Probably the best part was the one curse that shrunk him to just one foot in height.

The party followed a rumor that a certain set of centuries-old tombs, long pillaged, contained a secret area below a slab of stone.  This secret second set of tombs reputedly contained three magical weapons: a black sword, a trident, and a warhammer.  Okay, they weren't really after Blackrazor, Whelm and Wave, but three magic weapons is three magic weapons.  Our hardy hereos braved perfectly ordinary spiders, tacky religious iconography, and several annoyingly unkillable skeletal undeaders.  The ranger and the fighter escaped with one of the three magic weapons, the Holy Axe of the Knight-Marshal, and some miscellaneous loot.  Poor tiny Farley was punched right in the heart by the Three-Armed Skeleton Knight of Wessex-119 and died instantly, Arduin critical style.  Too bad he was carrying the Legendary Magical Beard of Wessex.  (Actually, being tiny, he was wearing it as a cloak.)  Pour a forty on the curb for a character that Mike has been playing since December of 2011.  He got to sixth level in the FLAILSNAILS multiverse and that ain't shabby, my friends.

Running a FLAILSNAILS game again was a hoot.  I really ought to get back into it regular-like.  Unfortunately, my family and I have moved since the last time and our new place doesn't work as well as the old one for running in the wee hours.  I woke my wife up early, which is something I don't want to repeat.  But I've got an office here in the English department now, so maybe I could run some games later in the day.  That ought to amuse the folks in my hallway.

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