Wednesday, May 18, 2011

new Wessex map

The main change in this version of my campaign map is the addition of something resembling the Roman road system. The obvious reason to put these roads on the board is for moving around the PC party and/or clashing armies. The less obvious reason is that pretty much all the inns, the leftovers of ancient Roman system of tabernae roadhouses, located on the map are these roads. They're the only places one can readily get both a bed and some ale for hard coin.

Elsewhere you can buy a drink at an alehouse, which is quite literally someone's house where you can buy an ale.  The host (usually a woman, the alewife) has a few extra stools or benches she pulls out in front of her hut/cottage/whatever.  When that day's ale is ready she puts out her sign and serves up fresh brew to whoever shows up with a silver penny in hand.  Food is not available and there's nowhere to sleep. All other accommodations are via the laws of hospitality. Travelers often stay at manors, monasteries and churches, in this latter case sleeping on the sanctuary floor in most parishes. I'm still working out what that means for my campaign.