Monday, January 31, 2011

something I liked about M!M!

Monsters! Monsters!, which I ran Sunday for the first time, is basically a you-play-the-bad-guys spin-off of Tunnels & Trolls, so this comment ought to apply equally to T&T.  Anyhoo, the thing I was digging on was that even the dragon was rolling 25 dice in combat and the demon 13 but everyone elses' paltry amounts still counted.  The basic T&T combat mechanic is your side rolls its dice, my side does the same and we compare totals.  The side with the smaller total takes damage equal to the difference between the two.  This means everybody can contribute to a victory.  Twenty kobolds aren't just twenty ignorable little dillweeds, they're twenty more dice their ogre master gets to roll.  Even though the PC clearly sucked in combat, the saxophone-armed halfling with only 2 dice could've been just the guy who turned a losing round of combat into a winning one. There's not much room for "I can't hit this guy, so I'm going to sit here and pout" scenarios.

Even though one guy actually did do that.  Playing a dark elf with measly 1 die javelins just pissed him off/turned him off to the whole exercise.  I felt bad that he clearly wasn't enjoying the game, but I'm not going to change how I run things to accomodate someone who didn't seem to be trying to meet me halfway.  Dude and his significant other left early, after her Fire Elemental was lethally doused by Ol' Man Miller and his sons when she lit up the family grain mill.  At the end of the run the guy playing the troublemaking pimp Warlock pointed out that his character had far worse stats.

Still, I hate to see even one groughy dude leave unhappy, especially when his last impression of the con will be my (presumably in his mind) crappy game.