Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's on the tip of your brain?

Simple question today. Imagine you're not in front of your computer reading stupid gaming blogs, you're not looking at your shelf full of game crap, nor are you talking to your gaming buddies. You're doing something totally non-game related when you have an idle thought about role-playing games. Even if your thought has nothing to do with game mechanics, assume there's an implied game where the thought makes more sense with in the context of game X rather than game Y or Z. What system(s) are you most likely to be thinking of?

Personally, almost all of my random thoughts about RPGs can be filed under D&D, Encounter Critical or Traveller. That's just three systems, assuming you look at something like Mutant Future as a special case of the general field of D&D. Which I do. I'm curious if others get sudden inspirations about a wider range of games. Doc Rotwang! strikes me as being a likely candidate in this regard. Does anybody ever have unbidden thoughts about games they haven't played, read, discussed or otherwise thought about in years? I played one brief Shadowrun campaign when the game first came out and have never thought about it since unless someone us brought it up.