Friday, March 20, 2009

Kenzerco is making me paranoid

According to Statcounter today I'm getting a steady trickle of hits from one thread on the Kenzerco forums. But when I try to track back to the source Kenzer's site tells me I don't have the permissions necessary to view the thread. Maybe the link is in one of those backstage super-secret areas only accessible to mods. Don't leave me hanging here, dudes! I will not hesitate to make up completely bogus transcripts!

Jolly Blackburn: We really should send that Rients dude a free copy of Hackmaster Basic when it gets back from the printers.
Yorkus Rex: Yeah, and while you're at it you ought to give him a monthly column in Knights of the Dinner Table where he can write all the same junk he puts on his Gameblog, but he would get paid.
Dave Kenzer: *sigh* He's so dreamy!