Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the Borderlands across three games

Over lunch today I flipped through my copy of Rogues of the Borderlands, an old MERP module. This is one of my favorite MERP books, because it's totally plain vanilla but it's done so damn well it's hard to care. I've joked more than once about combining this book with the Keep on the Borderlands, but the more I look at the prospect the more serious I get about it. It wouldn't take much work to use Middle Earth's Borderlands as the larger backdrop of B2. The Keep becomes the furthest outpost of Dunedain civilization and the Caves of Chaos become a major center for the local forces allied to the Witch-King of Angmar. It could totally work.

Any gameblog readers familiar with the Runequest product Borderlands? Trying to incorporate that book into this hypothetical campaign world would be the next illogical step.