Sunday, August 06, 2006

Notes from a Gamer Geek Party

Yesterday the family and I attended a party hosted by Dave and Heather, two longstanding members of the local game scene. It was fun to spend a couple of hours talking with maybe a dozen fellow gamers in a non-game setting. Nobody smelled of cat piss. Dave and Heather did a good job when drawing up the guest list. At no point did I overhear anyone discussing game theory or speculating as to the contents of a fourth edition of D&D. So yay for that. A couple gamers pitched me the second edition of Mutants & Masterminds as a game that might suit my needs, much moreso than the original version of M&M. Apparently M&M 2e does away with tactical combat, one of the parts of the original that I didn't like. It was also recommended to me that I take a pass on Truth & Justice. One source told me that my own past efforts at FUDGE were close enough to Mr. Underkoffler's work as to make it a waste of twelve bucks. I wasn't expecting to hear that. We also talked a bit about Traveller. Since GDW's offices used to be less than an hour from here, a lot of the old guard can still be found locally.

On a personal angle most of the players in my now-defunct supers game (see the post immediately preceding this one) were at the party. We had a laugh over the fact that none of us had every seen a game end via blog before now and shot the breeze a bit on the subject of what we're going to play next. Also at the party was an ex-girlfriend of mine. We haven't really talked since she dumped me. Seeing her again was... awkward. You'd think that bumping into her wouldn't weird me out all these years later, but it still kinda does. But I also got to see many of the players from the Pancake Hut Gang. I seriously need to play with those folks again. They're great for games involving large explosions and fist-fights.