Sunday, February 19, 2006

This is how my brain works sometimes

My family ate at a Mexican restaraunt today. This place has a frequent patron punch card, whereby if you get twelve punches on it then your next lunch combo is free. Here's the side of the card that doesn't have the little cells for the punch:

Do you see how the card seems to be saying "REST ME" and "ANTE NO"? Or maybe the message is "AUR XICA"! Probably the restaraunt logo originally appeared in 3 colors: the red, white, and green of Mexico's flag. But the tinfoil crazy guy in me sees this card and thinks it carries a hidden message.

Beware the Aur Xica and its minions. They're everywhere.


  1. It's not just you. The same "words" caught my eye before I scrolled down to see what you'd said about it.

  2. careful, Amado will interpret this post of yours to be a racist example of cultural imperialism. ;)

  3. Holy carp, I just spotted another secret message! Why is it spelled FieSta RanchEra? Is that an SE or an FSRE? What strange new Era does it declare or fortell?