Monday, February 13, 2006

Platinumhand is more like it

Tom Moldvay is one of my favorite game writers from back in the day. He wrote Lords of Creation, the universe-hopping, time-travelling kitchen sink game published by Avalon Hill in 1983. Moldvay's most famous game gig was editing the '81 Basic D&D rules, the one with the awesome Erol Otus cover. The one book by Mr. Moldvay I long to acquire is a third party module called Seren Ironhand. Out-of-print game hawker Hamilcar has yet another copy of Ironhand up for sale on eBay. I swear this guy must have a case of them or something. Every few months he lists another copy and the D&D collectors dutifully bid it up to 40 bucks or more. Too rich for my blood. I want to know what's inside the creepy castle on the cover, but not that bad.

Fun fact: Seren Ironhand is part 2 of a module trilogy. The other installments were never published.

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  1. Cripes! This particular copy sold for $67.66! This hamilcar guy is making out like gangbusters!