Monday, November 07, 2005

Quote of the Day

The quote below from the Fat Gregor material in Critical Miss, issue 8 has haunted me since I first read it.

D&D is about quests for glory and riches; WFRP pretends to be the same, but in fact is about the PCs' day-to-day fight for survival in a universe that hates them. If you don't finish each adventure worse off than when you started it, your GM is doing something wrong.

--James Wallis


  1. Yup. You should be able to spot an experienced WHFRP party easily at a distance: missing limbs, eyepatches, scarring social diseases, a rattle in the lungs, and half a dozen horrible mutations.

  2. I remember what the designer once said re Paranoia, "If you have a campaign going, you're cheating."