Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My sister is cool

So Jenn was up for this little elected office, vice president of a county-level civic organization. Like many bodies this size there's usually only one candidate so the nomination and election are virtually one and the same. Well, some fancy pants lawyer decides at the last minute that she needed to be vice president and not my sis. This lady was so classy about it that she nominated herself for the job. Couldn't even find one person to stand up and nominate you, eh? Anyway, lawyer gal must have had some support because the voting turned out to be a dead even tie.

So they game for it. I shit you not, this law-chick agrees to play my sister Rock-Paper-Scissors for the vice presidency and the organization in question goes along with it. Good ol' RPS had a spot among the games we played as kids. I know lots of people disregard RPS as a real game, but cross-my-heart hope-to-die when done properly it can be one of the greatest purely psychological games ever played. And my sister knew the first lesson of serious RPS play: novices go Rock. Try it out sometime. I don't know if it's the agressiveness of the fist you make or the strong name "Rock", but the average person selects rock as their play a helluva lot more than the other two options, especially on the first throw.

So she went Paper, right? WRONG. She was up against a lawyer, a member of a species known for their low cunning. Jenn guessed that the lawyer would also know the Rock trick and would herself go Paper. So Jenn threw Scissors and won. Ain't that awesome?

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  1. Beautiful! Congratulation to your sister.