Monday, August 16, 2004

Update to the Wraeththu Watch Update

As I type this the Wraeththu RPG website is back up. It appears that since I last looked at the page they have added this endorsement:
After reading over the rpg I think its very absorbing and very much like the way it's written. If you're new to role-playing it reads without making one feel like they will never catch on, and if your more familiar to role play it keeps your interest and gets you reading even the bits you might allready know.
That quote is attributed to Bruce Wells of Who is Bruce Wells and what's a Niberu? A little Googling revealed that Niberu is Mr. Wells's band. Further Googling also revealed that he is an illustrator and cover artist for Immanion Press, publisher (if indeed it gets published) of the Wraeththu RPG. What gives? Does no one outside the staff of the publisher have anything good to say about the manuscript? Given my report from yesterday, is there actually a manuscript for Mr. Wells to comment on? Shouldn't Mr. Wells's close ties with the publisher be disclosed near his endorsement? The whole thing looks dicey to me.

I discovered Mr. Wells's attachment to the publisher via a googled link to the Immanion Press staff page. Very interesting stuff there, including an impressive array of hot chicks. Gabby2600's picture shows him wearing a kitten T-shirt and wielding a kukri, the traditional machete of the gurkhas. I wonder if there are any equally ridiculous pictures of me somewhere on the internet? Probably. The staff page also revealed that gabby has a co-writer for the RPG, a Ms. Lydia Wood. The link from the staff page to her website led me further to her livejournal. From what I glean of her blogging, it seems that she is letting gabby do most of the RPG writing while she works on some Harry Potter slash fanfic! Okay, that's not a totally fair assessment of the situation. She's also OCRing Storm Constantine novels for reprint by Immanion Press, working on arrangements for DragonCon (where there's a big Constantine sub-con), and obsessing over David Bowie. Both her and gabby seem to have too many irons in the fire. I can't help but suspect that getting an RPG to print, especially a first-time project like this, requires way more fanatical obsession than they can spare right now. I could be wrong. They may be hyper-energetic people. They may do well when they are forced to cram at the last minute. Maybe their publishing experience gives them a leg up over others in a similar situation. If I were a betting man, I'd be torn between putting my money down on 'vaporware' or 'final product reads like a book report written ten minutes before class'.