Thursday, January 23, 2020

look at these handsome lads

Sculpted by Whiff Waff
Painted by Mark Dixon
The fine fellows are GOB10 Orcs with Clubs from CP Models. I don't know CP Models from the dogcatcher, but I love the vibe I'm getting off their humanoids. Their orc captain looks like a sophisticated gentleorc, while the orcs with spears look like they're grumpy that they had to get up early on a Saturday for monthly reserve practice.

I especially like the guys in the pic above because Basic D&D orcs are noted as favoring "swords, spears, axes and clubs" (page B40), but I'm not sure I've seen an all-club unit of orc figures before.


  1. I'm not mega keen on these boys... they look a bit Shrek to me. I'd love to see some hairy ball orcs, like the ones in Mines, Claws & Princesses (which tells you all you need to know about my aesthetic taste).

    Still, number 4 has a kind of hungover vibe, which I DO dig.

  2. Jeff do more Vyzor henchmen

    1. Like another chart full of one line goons? Sure.

    2. They’re marvelous!

      I love them. The players love them. I also use them as occasional sources of rumors or other adventure books.

      After about a year and a half of game time, about half of of them are either dead or promoted to retainer status. Some have reached 3rd level! I’ve been filling in the gaps but they’re not as good as yours.

      Now that we are likely going to go to the next city, it would be great to get another collection of drunken idiots to pull from.

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  4. Man, I gotta wonder what Jethro said, given that Indian Hair Spam is allowed to stay but his comment isn't.