Tuesday, April 07, 2015


Lately I've been scribbling a lot of dungeon maps.  I think because it's a stress reliever and this semester has been rougher than most.  Anyway, I've farted around with isometric graph paper once before and my love for 3-D dungeon environments is pretty well-documented, but until today I never tried to combine the two.  Composing isometric dungeons has always looked like harder work than the normal God'd eye view, but this morning I printed out some iso-type paper from here.

I thought I'd start by trying an isometric view of the sample dungeon from Moldvay Basic, with it's nifty maps by the one and only Erol Otus.

Here's what I sketched out based on those two images:

It's not a perfect replication of the information contained in the maps above, but I've got a better sense of how vertical layers interact now.  Though I think the caves at the bottom look too flat.

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