Monday, July 27, 2009

straw poll

So I'm kicking around two ideas for a new book. Let me know which you like better. (Or hell, suggest something else entirely.)

Idea #1: Book of Choshu

This would be a setting book, explicitly for Ruins & Ronin, designed around the northeast corner of that Saikaido campaign world that I've been kicking around here. 13th century Japan plus assorted weirdness in the form of a sandbox hexmap, a small dungeon or two, some monsters & treasures. The goal would be to cram an entire R&R mini-campaign into 32 pages.

Idea #2: People of the Cave

Cavemen and cavewomen versus the unknown. The PCs would be among the tribe's first specialists at the dawn of agriculture. Hunting/gathering and tribal politics would be important, but there would also be spooky caves to be explored. Spellbooks would be in the form of cave paintings. I've actually found some really neat tools for this concept in the 2.5 Skills & Powers book, but the finished book would be "broadly compatible" with all the usual suspects.