Thursday, December 30, 2004


Last night we made characters for Dave's new Feng Shui campaign while the guys at the other table rolled up some Mekton PCs. Barb made Elsa a.k.a. Slim a.k.a. Lucky, a Gambler that looks like Lauren Bacall. Pat pulled a fast one on me and made an Ex-Special Forces instead of a Killer. His guy is Mr. White and is played by Tommy Lee Jones. Sean's character is some sort of mafioso with gun-fu. I didn't catch the name or the template. And Ray made Mr. Black the Magic Cop. My guy is Master Fo, an Old Master with mad kung-fu skills. Here we are in a Hong Kong action movie and everyone else brought honkies! Anyway, we got partway through the intro adventure from the book, the one with the noodle shop and the zombies. I'm totally digging my guy's crazy fu powers. I felt like a kid in a candy store when I found out I could use my 10 points of Chi to power my fu schticks every frickin' sequence. I was assuming that it was 10 Chi per fight or per session or per day or something. Truly I shall go forth and kick righteous amounts of ass.

Right now we're in that early stage that some campaigns go through in which the PCs have little motivation to work together or to follow the plot. Not a problem for me as a player, I chase the adventure even if my own PC has weak motivation to do so. Some players are not always accomodating, so as a GM I like to short-circuit these issues in my own campaigns by making the PCs all be part of an organization or all working for a mysterious benefactor or at least mandating that some of the PCs know (and trust) some of the others. I'm not surprised that Dave can work without these sorts of crutches, but I would have trouble dealing with a campaign in which the PCs may at any moment wander off on their own agenda.

I originally imagined Master Fo as being played by Al Leong wearing bad old man make-up, the shocking white beard and hair like kung-fu master villains usually get. But today I found this page over at SomethingAwful. That guy is perfect! Now I just need a Kung Faux style soundtrack with some badass hiphop.